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Inspired by Chiima: Magiko's Hopes, Predictions, and Fears for 2016

Well I have been off and of blogging, promising over and over and over and over again I will return to blogging, and ultimately failing that (and youtubing for that matter..) I thought I should at least try one last freaking time. What better way to end the year with a post inspired by my favorite idol blog, Okay! Musume Time. At the end of the year Chiima releases a Hopes, Predictions, and Fears  list that I love reading. So inspired by that I'm going to give my own! So here we go!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Prepping for AB!: Cosplay prep!

Wow....only 4 more moths to Anime Boston! So excited this year! Hopefully things will be much better then last years insanity!

So my cosplay has been on my mind a lot. Ultimately I knew Monokuma was a definite (now its like a tradition) and I decided to bring Lucy back after all since the Peanuts movie was just released. However I like things to be in 3s...meaning I wanted a 3rd cosplay. Last year I went a little over the top with 4 cosplays.

I only wore Mike Schmidt once....during pre-reg badge collection on thursday. I wore Stocking only on Saturday for the PASWG photoshoot, the all-ages dating game, and then for a little shopping. I mainly switched between Monokuma and Lucy. Lucy was the first one I wore and not many people got it until I pulled out my psychiatry sign and football. Monokuma was the one I wore to death, in those super painful heels for some reason I decided to wear for the first time instead of breaking them in. Then again I had 4 events with Monokuma, 3 photoshoots and Karaoke.

I overwhelmed myself that year. I did karaoke contest, all-age dating game, 2 autograph sessions to attend, and I organized 4 photoshoots. It was tiring so this year I am chopping things down

I might enter one of the cosplay games again but Im only organizing 2 photoshoots this year. I'm deciding to custom design and commission my newest Monokuma costume (which I will also bring to PAX East). I am bringing back Lucy  for a second time. Finally the 3rd one. Iv always loved Yurika's first premium rare coord so I decided on that one as my 3rd cosplay! Hopefully this won't be as insane as last year!

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Hey everyone! Magic Chan here and I am going to try starting back up again! I struggled a lot of content and such but now I'm hoping that I can keep the pace up again. So i'm going to mix up the otaku stuff with my new love of crafting.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Things have been crazy here at home so I have been inactive lately. I'm thinking of leaving blogging all together but I don't know....
What do you think?

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Magiko Spotlight Review; Danganronpa: The Animation

The following review will spoil a lot of things for Danganronpa The Animation and Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. So....


Anime Debut: July 4th, 2013
Manga Debut: June 24th, 2011
Game Debut: November 25th, 2010
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13
Licensed?: No
Synopsis: Being just a normal student without a special talent, Makoto Naegi wins a lottery to attend the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy where only the top prodigies attend. However, instead of this being the beginning of a wonderful high school life, it's a ticket to despair, because the only way to graduate from Hope's Peak Academy is to kill one of your fellow students or be one of their victims (from ANN)


Danganronpa is set at Hope's Peak Academy, a school for teens who are the best of the best in their own field. These students have a special title, Super High School Level ------ and in the english translation it's Ultimate  -------. Makoto Naegi is a ordinary students who was admitted into the school via lottery, therefor getting the title of Ultimate Lucky Student. Makoto enters the school but then he falls unconscious. Once he awakens, he finds himself in a classroom with the windows sealed with metal plates. He meets with the other students in the school and then they meet Monokuma, a bear like robot that everyone considerd to be a mix between Jigsaw and Winnie the Poo. Monokuma reveals to all of them that they are locked here forever. However they can leave as long as they kill a fellow classmate and get away with it. After a murder occurs, the students have time to investigate before being thrown into a Class trial where they must deduce the culprit. If they vote correctly then the killer is executed, if they vote incorrectly then the kill goes free while everyone else gets executed. So now they students go though murders and class trials while trying to find out the mystery of the school.
Quite frankly, everyone should know my love for Danganronpa. I like the story and it brought me in enough. You really want to know what happens in a case. However some cases are pretty obvious. Such as in the first case with the death of Sayaka Maizono, the killer is obvious if you look at the crime scene. Then things aren't so obvious later and are a more interesting as it goes on. When it comes to the final case and the whole 'mystery' of the school, I feel like it could have been built up more. We get some clues but those clues are only photos of the cast and we get only 2 of them before the final case. However the twist on the villain is just something I LOVE TO DEATH!!!
But....we are talking about the anime here. Now the anime doesn't change anything to the story but here is where they made the first mistake....

13 Episodes

Yep...only FREAKING 13. Danganronpa is a VISUAL NOVEL and needs time to properly get the story and the process out. But the Danganronpa anime just sneezes on this idea. In the game, searching for evidence could take about 1 hour. This includes searching for evidence and interacting with the characters. How long does it take in the anime? 30 seconds and all the evidence is just thrown at the screen. Sometimes evidence doesn't even show up until the trial. That is called RUSHING. However there is an even bigger problem with this anime...


Now before you start writing that caps lock comment, Danganronpa has some of the most likable, original, and entertaining characters of all time. However there is a major issues the anime has.....development. That brings us back to the 13 episode problem. The series is so focused on getting the story across and getting to the Class Trials, that it eliminates the fun interaction between the characters. The only character development that happens is the ones that happens in the story, which is unfortunately is not where most characters are developed. We don't learn their backstories in the main story, we don't learn more about them, we simply know their names, title, and part in the story. The 13 episodes is defiantly to blame. Everything was very much rushed in the anime so development.

Now other then development issues, you have the more awesome cast of all time. First off, each character is unique in their own way. None of them are copy and paste with each other. They all have verst distinct looks as well, which adds to the greatness of each characters. They are all likable, fun, funny, and just awesome. Here is a quick look though of the characters

Makoto Naegi is the Super High School Level Good Luck for getting into Hope's Peak via a lottery. He is your standard good guy never-give-up attitude protagonist. Naegi is, of all the characters, the meh one for me. He is a good guy and I do remember and like him but still more personality and maybe a more awesome backstory could make him more interesting

Next we have Kyoko Kirigiri, the Super High School Level ???? because she had amnesia. Then she found out her title was Super High School Level Detective. She is stoic and quite the fan favorite. Kyoko is defiantly mysterious which is apart of her charm and also seems to know pretty much everything

Now Sayaka Maizono is the Super High School Level Idol and heavily featured in the beginning of the series due to her connection with Makoto. This allows her to have the most amount of development because her development. She has a cheerful and supporting personality. Sayaka can be a bit bland in the beginning until her eventually turn into a desperate killer. This made me like Sayaka even more.

Byakuya Togami is the Super High School Level Scion. He's stuck up, arrogant, and well...a douche. He orders the others around and is manipulative. Byakuya is often irritated by Toko/Syo and their obsession towards him. Byakuya seems to also jump the gun as he usually points suspicion at the one who is the most suspicious. Heck in the second trial he even let the others think he was the killer and wouldn't reveal he was innocent until the vote. In the end though he lives

The Super High School Level Programer is Chihiro Fujisaki. Chihiro looks like a young girl but in reality Chihiro is actually a guy. He was looked down for being a weak male and started dressing as a girl to hide it all. This brought some controversy but honestly I don't care. Chihiro is very adorable, shy, and timid. He isn't a fan of fighting. Chihiro is very smart and even programed a artificial intelligence called Alter Ego which was a great use after Mondo killed Chihiro in a blind rage in Chapter 2.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru is the teachers pet and the Super High School Level Disciplinarian.  He is all about the rules and studying. Ichimaru is hilarious at times and just so much fun. You gotta love him, he's a fun stick in the mud. Later he and Mondo, polar opposites, form this brotherly bond. Kiyotaka adds to Hilarity (Forget, Forget, Forget BEEEAAAMM). Kiyotaka is one of my favorite characters for just his stick in the mud attitude and dedication to following the rules. Heck he even gets frustrated just because they haven't taken a single class!

Celestia Ludenburg is the Super High School Level Gambler and our gothic calculating lolita. Celesita is defiantly the most calculating of the group. She easily manipulates others and can lie with a straight face. She uses this mainly in Chapter 3, where she manipulates Hifumi to kill Kiyotaka and then kills Hifumi herself. Why did she kill? Well she wanted 10 billion yen prize from Monokuma so she can achieve her dream, living in a mansion served by vampire dressed young men. She is set after one thing, her own goals. Even though she seemed like the only one who accepted their lives at the school, she really wanted to get out.

Hifumi Yamada is the Super High School Level Dojin Artist  Hifumi is the stereotyped perverted Otaku with a love for 2D girls. Although he is like that, he seems to hate anyone who does an indecent crime and will avenge his friends as shown in Chapter 3. I freaking Love Hifumi. Even though he is a perverted otaku stereotype, he is a Lovable perverted Otaku stereotype.

Toko Fukawa is the pessimistic Super High School Level Literary Girl  She is very anti-social and also obsessed with Byakuya. Also she has a separate personality called Genocider Syo which is the Super High School Level Serial Killer. From what I'v heard, not many people like Toko. Toko is very down in the dumps and can be depressing but I freaking love Genocider Syo, who is polar opposite of Toko being sadistic, murderous, loud, and a fujoshi.

Next is Mondo Oowada. Mondo is the Super High School Level Biker. He is the typical hot headed gang leader. He only really lets down this shell when he is found guilty in the second trial and the information about his brother's death is revealed. And yes, he does have a hairstyle that looks like a bugel chip

Yasuhiro Hagakure is the Super High School Level Fortune Teller. He is a sucker for anything related to fortune telling and is very laid back. He is also very gullible and not bright. Hagakure doesn't stand out much to mean but he does live in the end.

Aoi Asahina is the busty Super High School Level Swimmer. Aoi is air headed, in love with donuts, and a excellent athlete. She is extremely dedicated to her friendship with Sakura, especially in the 4th trial where she leans everyone to believe she is the killer because she was led to believe (by Monokuma) that Sakura committed suicide because of the remaining survivors.

Sakura Ogami is the Super High School Level Fighter and yes she is a she. She was forced into becoming a mole for Monokuma at the cost of her Dojo but then commits suicide to help the others. Sakura is actually more levelheaded and quiet instead despite her masculine and fighting appearance. Sakura and Aoi are best friends and she gets upset whenever Hina is in trouble.

Leon Kuwata is the Super High School Level Baseball Player. He wants to be the Super High School Level Musician instead of the Super High School Level Baseball Player which is why he forms a connection with Sayaka. However Sayaka tries to kill him and then he kills her and gets executed.

Mukuro Ikusaba is the Super High School Level Solider. She originally acted as
Junko Enoshima in the beginning but then was killed by her own sister. Mukuro was in cahoots with her sister the whole time, dressing up to look exactly like her sister. Of course we never really meet her formally and all her information comes at the very end.

Monokuma is basically if Winnie The Pooh and Jigsaw got together, one of them got pregnant, and gave birth to a robotic baby. Monokuma is a robot controlled by the Mastermind and is just the best damned mascot character ever. No further explanations needed

Then you have her......

Yeah I have a biased opinion on Junko Enoshima. She is just as insane and erratic as I am. Heck she switches personalities because she gets boar with herself! She is the evil mastermind and just damn amazing. Junko is the best character in the entire universe with Monokuma!! ENOUGH SAID

Overall there are incredible characters. Each has their own design and personality fit to them. Junko is obviously my favorite character in the series.

Loyalty to Original

Quite frankly this is most defiantly a extremely loyal adaptation. What I mean in this category is that the adapted media is a reflection of the original and boy is this a perfect reflection. The story is laid out almost exactly like the original series, even replicating many of the stills into the actual anime. Obviously some this are cut in order to fit the 13 episode limit which. The most cut is the investigation portion, where the students have to find their evidence to use in the class trial. This is one of the more cringe worth things as the investigation portion of the game could take up to an hour on the first run. I jump back once again to the issues with only 13 episodes. Other then that, the story is executed to a T. Everyone who died in the game died in the anime. Everyone who killed in the game killed in the anime. Everyone was right on target.


One of the unique things about Danganronpa was it's style in the game. All the characters and settings are replicated perfectly in the animation but one of the flairs of the series unfortunately dies in the anime. One of the cool things Danganronpa had was a special graphics technique called "2.5D Motion Graphics" which is basically placing 2D characters in an explorable 3D environment. However the entire anime is 2D and therefore the technique is difficult to replicate. Other then that the series has a pop art style flair which is obvious in the designs and settings. However my biggest animation disappointment was in the Class Trial scenes. I understand things need to be cut down, especially since the Class Trial is almost made entirely of Mini Games. However I also feel like they could have done so much more with this and instead blew it. It is mainly characters sharing dialogue and nothing special.


Loyalty to the original and the story of Danganronpa made it what it is but the anime ruined something that could have been amazing. With rushing and a heavy lack of character development, the series just feels to fast and almost sneezed at. I believe the root of the problem is and always will be the 13 episode limit. Danganronpa needed time. It needed to get the set up done in one episode, the investigation done in another, the trial in maybe 2 episodes but instead everything is jammed together in a 2-3 episode limit for each chapter. Overall Danganronpa had potential with a great design and game to inspire it but the rushing and lack of development take it all away. Here is my rating for Danganronpa: The Animation

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Magiko's Spotlight Review: Aikatsu!

((Wow this is new... a new segment. If you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm toward myself because I keep introducing segments and then they disappear....BUT I HOPE THIS ONE WON'T XD))

Aikatsu! Stats

Anime Debut: October 8, 2012

Manga Debut: December 2012

Genre: Fashion, Idols, Magical Girl, Shoujo, Kid's Show

Seasons: 2+ (As of July 2014)

Episodes: 94+ (As of July 2014)

Licensed?: No

Premise: Ichigo Hoshimiya is a normal girl until she sees a concert by the top idol Mizuki Kanzaki. Together with her best friend Aoi, they enter Starlight Academy and aim to become idols!



Aikatsu is a children's show focusing on singing, dancing, fashion, and idols. The show primarily takes place at Starlight Academy, a school to train girls into idols. In Season 2, an additional school was introduced called Dream Academy, meant to be a rival school. The series main drama and story comes from the many auditions the girls take. Weather it be lack of confidence or intimidation, much of the episodes cover the idols getting over their fears and winning said audition. Sometimes the episodes will features something else such as conquering or avoiding scandal or something simple like going on a summer trip.
Now it's one of those shows that you can leave to your kids to it and nothing will happen. Basically it's very really there is no violence or major conflict in the series. If there is conflict, it only lasts 1-2 episodes. This leads to little to no drama within the series to pull the viewer in and can lead to viewers simply skipping to the performance scenes. Little to no story is an additional problem. The rare arks usually revolve around elongated auditions which last maybe 2-5 episodes. Aikatsu is also very predictable. Usually when a character enters an audition, they typically win it. Season 2 has improved on this but instead of being between a main character and a 'Idol of the day', it's between two of the main cast. Still a message about losing is shown as main character Ichigo loses sometimes and takes it quite well, still being very cheerful and supportive of the winner, which is a good message for children which is Aikatsu's target audience. I know I harp on a lack of story and it is a kids show but still other kids shows have created story lines that bring viewers in without straying from it's basic formula and going out of it's comfort zone.


Basic animation is okay except for the obvious performance CGI failure in season 1. Now the anime made the mistake of trying to look like the game so children wouldn't be confused that this was same product if the name didn't spoil it... About 10 episodes in they improved, however it still did not look good. The characters still seem stiff and their bodies are unrealistically thin. Finally in Season 2, the series greatly improved. The CGI now resembles the animation designs, the characters move much more flowey, and new techniques such as different angels and shadowing are used. Here is examples of the CGI and it' improvement over the episodes. However if a character commits a mistake happens it doesn't just switch to 2D and sometimes is detailed such as when Akari and Ichigo perform together in Episode 80, Akari isn't as sharp as Ichigo and it shows. I think it's great attention to detail and great improvement. Now the animation is very much a joy to watch.

Episode 2
Episode 26
Episode 1
Episode 80


The characters do have different personalities but some are quite bland and others can be annoying. There were originally 8 main characters in Season 1 but now there are 14. I won't talk to much about them but there are some to talk about.

Ichigo Hoshimiya is the main character in the whole thing. Ichigo seems like she could be the klutzy ditz of the entire show but surprisingly...she's not at all. Ichigo rarely shows signs of being a klutz and only messes up like 3 times out of 90 episodes. Ichigo is very supportive and if she loses, she takes it very well and cheers for the one who wins. However she begins with little knowledge of idols and is still on a learning curve. Ichigo will go to great lengths to improve, in fact she even went all the way to America to train for a year. Ichigo was pretty much the naturally talented clueless newbie 

Aoi Kiriya is very much opposite of Ichigo when it comes to knowledge of idols and the idol world. Aoi is nicknamed the "Idol Professor" and starts the series being completely better then Ichigo at everything before Ichigo surpasses her. Aoi is kinda bland to me as she feels like just a smarter version of Ichigo but despite her knowledge, she sometimes has less confidence then Ichigo but Ichigo is always there to pick her up.

Ran Shibuki initially started as very cold towards the girls. An exceptional model and veteran to the entertainment industry, Ran is very independent and anti-social to her fellow classmates. She eventually came though and became friends with Ichigo and Aoi, losing that definitive cold attitude in the process.

Those 3 are the major main characters. They are featured prominently though the entire anime but there are additional characters that were considered "main" characters. I put that in quotes because compared to these 3, that are not featured as much. Otome and Mizuki were featured much more then the other girls. Followed by Sakura, Yurika, and Kaede.

Mizuki Kanzaki is the top idol of the country. Mizuki is unbeatable though the entire season and isn't mean but can be cold at some times in order to teach the idols a lesson. Mizuki leaves Starlight at the end of Season 1 while then in Season 2 she become an secret advisor to Dream Academy. However then she re-surfaced in the Idol scene with her new unit WM, leaving Dream Academy in the process. Mizuki's wins get really annoying many times. The fact that she can win all the time and the idols JUST BARLEY keep losing gets really really REALLY annoying.

Otome Arusigawa is the hyper and cute girl of the series with her catchphrase "Love You." Otome is very adorable and likable, quickly becoming my favorite character when she was revealed. She loses at the first audition we see of her but she wins as well, including winning the coveted "Starlight Queen" position which means she is Starlight Academy's top idol, during the 1 year time skip.

Otome was my favorite until Yurika Todo was introduced. Yurika is a little more complex compared to the others as she has two sides to her, her idol character and the real Yurika. Yurika has a character to her entire idol career, that being she is a 1000 year old vampire who refers to herself in the third. Yurika comes of as proud, confident, but strict to her character as a vampire; even losing auditions just to stay in character. However in reality she is shy and quiet, only creating the character out of love for Vampire Manga and to stand out at Starlight.

Sakura Kitaoji is the soft spoken sweetheart of the main cast and the youngest. Being raised in a kabuki theater troupe, Sakura has much experience with traditional japanese performances and also has an ability called Kitaoji Theater that she experiences when having strong emotions. Sakura works hard and typically is always nice. Sakura isn't featured as much and hasn't gone though any major character changes. She is a year younger then everybody and therefore is still in middle school while the rest are in high school.

Kaede Ichinose was introduced near the end of the season. Kaede was in america for awhile and has a love for magic. She constantly uses english phrases in her sentences. Out of all the girls, she has been the least featured but is very entertaining. Kaede does many crazy things including SKY DIVING at her debut in the series.

Then Season 2 arrived an a 'rival' school was introduced. Only 4 students from Dream Academy are featured, those being Seira, Ki, Sora, and Maria. Additionally midway though the season, two more characters were announced. These girls were Akari, a klutzy aspiring idol who loves Ichigo and then there was Mikuru, a young girl who Mizuki formed a unit with called WM.

Seira Otoshira is budding Idol with a rock edge and meant to be somewhat of a contrast chaacter to Ichigo. Seira is much more edgy but still has the idol image. But.... God I got annoyed by her....Siera has this catchphrase "If your Do then I'm Re, if your Mi then I'm Fa" to Ichigo and it happens a few times but it's one of the few things I remember about Seira. That phrase is supposed to represent how she is always one step ahead of Ichigo. Seira would have been a great contrast character to Ichigo if done right, meaning a there needs to be conflict between them and not a witty catchphrase they throw around. The conflict between them is almost like two best friends calling each other bitch in comedic banter, it's not real.

Ki Saegusa, Sora Kazesawa, and Maria Himesato are all Dream Academy students and Mikuru Natsuki is a gardner. I'm not covering them that much because they really don't stand out much to me. Kii is like Otome and Sora and Maria are like Sakura. Mikuru is just....bland. Ki and Maria served kinda as replacement characters for Kaede and Sakura perspectively. Kaede and Sakura do still appear in the show but most defiantly
not as frequently as Ki and Maria. Kaede still has not even had a proper solo performance while Ki has had at least 2. Ki and Kaede share the same brand (Magical Toy) while Maria and Sakura are the same (Aurora Fantasy.) Now I'll talk about one more character...

Akari is the stereotyped klutz added into the series mid season 2. Akari originally looked extremely similar to Ichigo due to her admiration for her but she was also very klutzy.Then she starts to learn she needs to find her own identity. After that she cuts her hair and starts to improve. She has made the most mistakes. Akari may be the stereotype klutz but she is a likable character that you want to root for.


Music is one of the main features of the show so it obviously needs to be talked about. There are many different songs but all of them are J-Pop. Most of the times the Music is based around the character such as Otome getting the happy Angel Snow and Yurika getting the gothic Glass Doll. The songs are entertaining and catchy with great performances by the singers. Also each song is edited if there are more girls added. For example if Ichigo did the song by herself and then did it again with Aoi, another version is done with both of their vocals added. It's great detail and nice to hear the variety. The songs are done sometimes once or sometimes 3 episodes in a row. It can get tedious to hear the same song but sometimes it's nice to hear the same song but with different singers. 


Although the music and characters are defiantly a plus, the animation's long recover and lack of story can ruin it for many who want something that will grip them in. However the animation has made a huge recovery since it's terrible start. Overall Aikatsu is enjoyable as a child's anime. Ultimately a lack of story is it's downfall. Here is my rating for Aikatsu!